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Wildlife in Xuancheng

  In the southern suburb of Xuancheng exists a virgin forest where thousands of Chinese alligators are living together with hundreds of egrets. When visiting this Chinese alligator Nature Reserve, numerous visitors would ask curiously: Why do Chinese alligators eventually inhabit Xuancheng? To the local people, this question is both puzzling and encouraging. 

  Xuancheng is located in a transition zone between the alluvial plain in the lower reaches of Yangtze River and the mountainous areas of south and west Anhui. This geographical feature is highlighted by several national nature reserves in the area such as Mount Qingliang National Natural Reserve, National Alligator Lake, Banqiao Virgin Forest, and the largest wild yew forest in East China. And it provides good conditions for the region to be a production base of primary agricultural products, a real land of fish and rice.

  The subtropical monsoon climate here brings abundant rain and clear seasons, which contributes to this area’s rich and colorful biodiversity. According to incomplete statistics, over 1,492 plants are found in Xuancheng with three of them under the first-grade state protection and seven of them under the second-grade; more than 400 wild animals are living here and among them there are ten under the first-grade state protection, twenty-one under the second-grade and thirty-seven under special provincial protection. 

  In this world one can not do without the favor and protection from the nature. It is really gratifying to see that Xuancheng is now overflowing with vigor and thus becomes an area with great economic development vitality in an era when problems brought by industrial civilization are challenging the environment all animals are living in.


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